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As an online marketer in Davao, I am so particular with branding — from name — to color. That’s why the brand name for our agency has gone through a number of deliberation.

It was on February 9, 2021 when we first had to see each other to sit down and talk about our dream of having our own internet marketing agency. We actually had a lot of business name ideas. One is Code Bean. This was suggested by my colleague, Rodj. Perhaps, he thought of this because most of our comrades are developers. Another entry was Tech Hydra (btw, this isn’t a new name). Gian, our head coder, suggested codepiler (code + compiler). My first entries were Agastophia and Tech Phylum. Few other suggestions by my colleagues were Code Assembly, Byte Legion — until everybody agreed with Inforia.

The brand name Inforia is actually a coinage of two words — information and emporia. It is a common knowledge that digital age is information age; hence, the word info is extracted. Emporia is the Greek word of marketing. When I attempted to combine the two words — it sounds so appealing. The goal of this brand is to provide information that’s worthy for marketing in this generation.

Onto the color, it was Rodj, our creative director, who did the design and thought of the concept of the logo. Pink symbolizes sweetness. This is one importante ingredient in doing business — the care. Pink also symbolizes “being young”. Our marketing agency is next generation ready. There is much in store for us. Pink is strength! This is Inforia, a doze for business growth.

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Proud to be an Inforian!